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 Hey guys, today I'm going to be showing you 20 ways that you can make money as a teenager and none of them involve surveys Most of these are methods that I have tried myself, and I'll be giving you some tips for 

how to make $1000 as a teenager

how to get started and how to actually do them So that you can be earning some extra money Idea number one is tutoring so get something that you know how to do and that you're good at such as chess playing an instrument a certain subject like English, Maths, a language and Tutor to younger kids, 

a great way to make connections is through your parents friends They might have younger kids who need tutoring and you can just do a little bit of that on the side and the money is really good. The second idea is digitizing people's photo albums 

how to make money as a teenager

This is something that often a lot of people want to do But they just don't have the time So it's something that you can take off their hands and do for them. All you'll need for this is just an average scanner like The ones that often come with printers and just scan in people's old

 family photos and archive them into folders It's as simple as that and you can organize them by year and then give it to them on a USB and charge them for however many hours you spend doing that The next idea is being someone's Instagram husband So this just means helping out people

 who want to develop their Instagram and they probably need someone to help them take photos of them that happen about so you can just charge them for an hour or two hours to go up with your camera or even just your phone and Take photos of them for the Instagram you can go 

to the beach or to a cafe or some nice location with them And you could charge a pretty good amount of money depending on if you've got a professional camera And if you know how to edit photos as well so if you know how to use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop 

that is going to be a skill in your favor as well but the most important thing is just to be comfortable around them direct them with posing and You know just encourage them show them the pictures as you're taking them and just have a good time

 The next idea is being a virtual bookkeeper a lot of people need someone to do bookkeeping work for their business And they don't have to know that you're a young person Because you can do it all online if you want to learn a little bit more about virtual bookkeeping

 I'll put some links in the description box below Idea number five is transcribing This is something that I actually did when I was a teen and me a little bit of money on the side

 I think it was about 15 to 20 bucks an hour basically It just involves listening to audio and typing out what you hear and usually it's for companies Who are developing things like AI software and they want it to recognize human voices

 they just need a whole lot of information about What words sound like so it's literally just as simple as putting in some headphones Getting on your computer and typing out what you hear And if you have a decent typing speed then it means you can make more money doing this Idea number six 

is to sell stock photos So there's a lot of stock photo websites that will buy your photos Or you could reach out to bloggers who might need certain themes of photos it could be

 gardening or parenting or health related Things and you can set up a partnership with a blog where they pay you to take photos for their blog posts it will be In your favor if you 

do have a decent digital camera But seeing as how good most phone cameras are these days you could probably get away with using just your phone camera to begin with Idea number seven is to write paid blog posts 

so a lot of blogs will outsource the writing for their blogs because they just want to produce a lot of content and don't have Time to do it with one person so you can look on freelance writing sites sometimes people will need a blog post written about something to do with photography or cosmetics or animals, I don't know there's so many 

different topics for so many different blogs so find something that you know a little bit about and write a blog post idea number eight is ghost writing a lot of people need a ghost writer to Write things like brochures or ebooks for them And they might not necessarily

 have the English speaking skills to be able to do it themselves So they will outsource it you can find these kind of jobs on freelance writing websites And the amount you get paid will depend on how long the project is idea number nine is evaluating search engines

 Such engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing and all those need people to evaluate the way that search engines work I actually only recently found out about this one, so I don't have a whole depth of knowledge about it 

But I'll link a blog post that's comprehensive in the description box below So you can find out a little bit more if you'd like to do that one idea number 10 is to sell your junk mail Believe it or not there are companies that actually want to buy your junk mail. There's a company that 

I found called SV Cave center not sponsored obviously, but they will send you prepaid envelopes And you can mail them your junk mail and they also want to get your e mail junk mail So you just forward it to their email address, and they'll give you a gift card every twenty dollars 

So it's a really easy way to make a little bit of money every day idea number Eleven is this website called fiber that you've probably heard of it's just a really easy way to make a little bit of money here Or there doing something that you're good at it Could be editing some photos for someone editing a quick video Or you've

 been putting together an Excel spreadsheet for someone who doesn't know how to do it ID number twelve is cleaning people's houses This is something that I've done before and it's a really easy way to make pretty good money And the easiest way to start is just offer it to your family and your extended family. 

It just involves dusting vacuuming mopping floors Wiping down surfaces cleaning glass basically all he needs is a bit of patience and an eye for detail You can put in some headphones get to work and some money idea number 13 is doing yard work for people So you can work in their garden raking leaves mowing the lawn or doing whatever other? Little odd jobs that they need to be done. 

You'd be surprised How many people will take you up on an offer to mow their lawn or do something that they feel like they just don't have the time to do themselves and Usually they will already have the equipment like the lawn mower or the hedge trimmer or whatever it is They'll already have that equipment, and you just need to come in and do it for them number 14 is paper delivery 

This is one that I did when I was fifteen and I made really good money doing it it just takes a little bit of time and Yeah, usually companies who want people to do paper deliveries will advertise in newspapers or like local classifieds like Gumtree or Craigslist whatever you have in your country I think I found mine through a bulletin board

 in my local shopping center someone will come and drop a whole lot of Newspapers and advertisements to you and well as a whole lot of rubber bands and so basically I had to grab one of each put it together in a little bundle and Then take them around by suburb and drop them in people's 

litter boxes My favorite thing about this was it got me walking and it got me outside which I love doing anyway And I got paid for it And I think I made two or three hundred dollars a week doing this idea number 15 is to wash people's cars This is another one that I've done before as well All you'll need is a hose a sponge and some basic 

Cleaning products and you can clean the outside of their car with some soapy water rinse it down clean inside with glass cleaner and some surface wipes and Give it a vacuum and that's pretty much all you need to do if you wanted to do a more Professional detail you could invest in a couple of products

, and then you'd be able to charge a little bit extra But it depends if you have startup money to invest in their products But YouTube is your best friend because there's so many tutorials out there how to detail and clean cars properly 

So that will really help if that's something that you want to do Idea number 16 is dog walking and grooming a lot of people want someone to walk their dogs because they just don't have the time And this is another one where you're walking which is good exercise and you're

 getting paid to do it Which is great, and if you love dogs like I do. I love dogs. It doesn't feel like work You're just hanging out with all these dogs Which sounds like great time to be honest you can also charge a little bit more if you include dog grooming so if you give The dog a bath at the end of the walk Then you could probably

 charge double so that's an option too idea number 17 is to sell your projects on Etsy I've been selling on Etsy for the last six months or so and it's being a really good source of site income I actually made a whole video a while back on It was 15 craft ideas that you can make itself

 So I'll link that in the description box if you'd like to check that out Otherwise think of something that you already make that you can profit from Etsy is better in some ways then selling at a market because you don't have the age discrimination of being a young person So if you're 13 years 

old people don't know that they're just solely looking at your work And it's also good because you don't have to pay the upfront cost of hiring out a stall at some markets you can just start straightaway on Etsy idea number 18 is to do makeup or hairstyles for proms or formal events the best way to get started with this would be to

 do practice runs on your family your siblings your friends take photos and upload it to an Instagram or a Facebook ad It's probably a good idea to have both because you can reach mums and parents through Facebook And you can reach people your age through Instagram and make sure you have clearly displayed contact information So if someone wants to contact you to book you

 for a formal event then they can hire you. Idea number 19 is sell t-shirts Or products on apps like red bubble and society6 these are websites where you can upload your design And you can put it on phone cases T-shirts pillows wall hangings literally anything you want and this is great because it's passive income Which means they 

can be selling while you're sleeping so once you've done the design You can just stay up there and continuously sell and continuously bring new income Idea number 20 is to teach all the generations how to use technology You could show some older people how to set up 

a Facebook page for their small business or how to use products like Microsoft Office Word and Excel and all that so those are my 20 ideas for how to make money as a teenager I hope you guys found something useful and maybe something that you hadn't heard before

 I didn't want to include Surveys because I've tried them before and I found that they just weren't worth it for the amount of time that it takes to start doing them and then sometimes halfway through they'll say sorry you're not eligible or whatever. I just haven't had any success with those, so No surveys, if you enjoyed this

 video make sure to give it a thumbs up And if you'd like me to make a version for students who are in uni or college or above? Then let me know in the comments below because I have some ideas that are not applicable to teenagers and that are more Older groups of people

 so if you're interested in that let me know. Also sorry for kind of being absent on YouTube lately I just had knee surgery, and it's been, wow, it's been so intense so I've just been bedridden for a while and Yeah, it's taken me a while to get back into the groove of things. If you have any ideas

 for ways that you've made money Please leave a comment below and we can have this awesome comment section where everyone's sharing their ideas how to make money whether it's online or in the real world. I hope you guys have a fantastic day, and I'll see you in my next video 

hy i am tanmay patel and i try to help you

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