How to organise your INSTAGRAM account with NOTION and Grow with the HASHTAGS Strategy

  Hey Youtube! Today we're talking about Instagram again! In this video I show you how I organize mypublications around the method that for me is the most efficient to gain visibility andnatural reach. I'll show you how I built this to be as productiveas possible and minimize the time invested thanks to a tool called Notion, which willjust revolutionize your life. 

No, I'm serious. This is the second part of my previous videoand I strongly invite you to go and see it before this one if you are interested in adigest of all the known and verified methods to grow an Instagram account. I also talked about my personal case and how,before I switched from Instagram to YouTube, I had grown an account in three to four months,

which is not too bad, and could have been much better if I had invested a little moretime in applying my own advice. So yes, as before I'm still not here to sellyou thousands of subscribers in a few days, you're starting to know my opinion on this. If you want to explode on Instagram in a veryshort period of time, in my opinion, you only have three solutions today: buy followers,which will be composed of nice robots, which is not necessarily a good idea. If you want to do it "cleanly",

 you have tohave a big marketing budget that you can invest in advertising, but like, communication agencybudget. Or finally, get a buzz on the Internet oneway or another, and bring that audience back to your Instagram account. But for all that, you're on your own, todayI'm talking about the method that takes some sweat and a lot of time. You've probably noticed that in the previousvideo, I didn't talk about a very important element on Instagram: hashtags. 

The whole strategy I'm proposing today revolvesaround them since they are the discovery tool at the heart of Instagram's construction. Each hashtag has a dedicated page, which meansthat if it is well chosen, it allows you to reach the target audience that correspondsto you. How does it work? For example, #love is the most popular hashtag,with almost two billion uses. Now you might think, great, there's a hugeaudience for this word, I'm bound to be a hit if I use it. 

It's just the opposite. The more the hashtag is used, the harder thecompetition is, and the more you'll be drowned in a mass of other images. The goal will be to find hashtags with a strongenough audience to show that there is interest from a potential public, but at the same timein a niche that is narrowed enough to not face too much competition. You can find several types of hashtags:Hashtags associated with a product or service. To a particular season or 

eventto places To quotesor acronyms. You have hashtags dedicated to particularmarketing campaigns or brands, you can create your own hashtag associated with your identity. We also talked about curative pages in theprevious video. A curative page is a page that doesn't createcontent but uses the content of other creators. It's a kind of online magazine if you want,which will promote artists that fit their niche, and some of them can bring a lot ofexposure. 

It's a business model and you can pay to appearin their publications. But not always, by using their hashtags andmentioning them on one of your images, you allow them to discover you and potentially,if they like your work, to share your photos. And even if that doesn't happen, it's stilla way to be placed on the hashtag page itself, which is a good thing if your work fits theeditorial line

, since people potentially interested in that particular style will be looking atthat page. For me, it's the hashtags related to a specificniche or a precise description of your image that are the most interesting to use. You have quite a few online tools to findhashtags with associated analytics, but most of them are paying and quite frankly I haven'tseen enough interest to invest. Usually, I simply browse Instagram from image to image relative to my niche and note 

the hashtags used. Another website I like is Display Purposes, which can help you find interesting hashtags, even if they're usually a bit too popular for my taste. On each of them, I will analyze the content,if it matches my style, and what kind of image, and most importantly, I'll note how many timesthe hashtag has been published, because that's how I'll organize them all. And since we're talking about organization,now it's time to talk about Notion. 

Ooh, sorry, I'm very excited. If you're only interested in Instagram, youcan skip ahead to this point, but I guarantee you want to hear what I have to say. It was two friends who introduced me to thistool a year and a half ago - Damien, Paul! - when we were talking about productivity. And... Pow! We live in an era where we have to manageso much information that we regularly delegate it to memory tools, usually apps. A calendar for dates, notes in various forms,ToDo lists to help you stay on track with your projects, bookmarks of websites visited,or to be visited..

. If you too have a hundred tabs open continuouslyin your browser just clap your hands! But this proliferation of tools on all sidesdoesn't help you to have a global vision of what you're doing and it will fragment theinformation until it becomes confusing. As a result, the mental load you're supposedto reduce by delegating to these tools is just transferred to the management of thetools. Notion is designed to bring all these appstogether into a single platform, and become...

 your second brain. I know, all-in-one solutions, trying to playall the games, it's the best way to be mediocre everywhere. And that's where Notion stands out for beinggood at everything. So, I prefer to warn you, yes, I'm going topraise them in this video and it's not sponsored at all. Hey, Notion people, if you're watching this! I love you guys. Literally my entire life is on Notion. I use it as a quick note-taking tool, formanaging my schedule and

 the tasks I have to do, as a CRM or a CMS, as an accountingtool... My YouTube channel is structured around Notion,between scripts, managing the production of the video until its publication. I'm also using it as a moodboard and I'm workingon a template that would be a mix of a storyboard merged with a Call Sheet for my video productions.

 But I also use it in my personal life by listingthe books I want to read, the places I want to travel to, the things I need to learn... In short, once again, my whole life is inNotion. So this video is not at all a tutorial ofthis application but to explain to you the principle, it's a list of tools that you willbe able to associate with databases, spreadsheets if you want.

 You have several ways to visualize these data,in a gallery, in Kanban if you're a Trello fan for example, or in calendar view...Butin addition to being able to link the databases together, each line, each occurrence is linkedto its own page where you can use all the tools again, or even recreate a new database. It's an endless Russian doll system. I'm not going to go any further in the explanationfor this video, but if you're interested in starting Notion, and I recommend it, I'llgive you one advice. The only concern when you start is not tolearn how it works, 

because it's very simple, seriously, they couldn't have been more intuitive. No, it's more that it's so vast, the possibilitiesare so limitless that you find yourself overwhelmed by it and you don't know where to start. I told you that I manage my whole life withit, but it took me more than a year to get to this point, it's done little by little. Start slowly, just with small ToDo lists,a first database to manage emails or something simple, and implement, from time to time,something new. Last info, Notion is free. Yeah. If you good at something, never do it for free! Of course,

 you have a paid version with moreoptions, like collaborative work, stuff like that, but to tell you: I've got the paid versionbecause considering my use of the software it would seem absurd not to pay for it, buteverything I've shown you here can be done with the free version. And the same goes for what we're going todo with Instagram. However, if you don't want to use Notion,that's fine too, what we're going to do is just a principle of organization, you cando it in a spreadsheet,

 on Google drive, whatever. Come on, time to practice! How I organize my Instagram, from start tofinish. We talked about it briefly in the previousvideo, the feed, which is the arrangement of the images on your profile, is what willallow a user who lands on your account to decide whether or not to follow you, in justa few seconds. The goal is to try to find a graphical coherence,so that your portfolio is seen as a whole, 

and not a succession of random images placednext to each other. The most obvious way to do this is of courseto use a color theme. Or a unique way to edit images, a filter ifyou want, even if I don't like the term, which would always be the same and would harmonizeall the pictures. But it can also be done through the structure,by playing with the vertical or horizontal alignment, by giving a particular framingto the images, by playing with different types of content.

 Let's take my example again. My feed is built on a vertical scheme, itis composed of two lines of portraits that frame a central line with landscapes, travelor urban photography. Basically, two faces, and geometry. This is one of the problems that explain whyI post so little on Instagram at the moment. One, it's much harder to travel at the moment,

so I don't' have any more content that could fit my central line. Two, I'm not producing any more of the sametype of portraits on an ongoing basis. Yeah, with the vlogs on the channel, the purposeis to try different types of photography, or different styles, which prevents me fromhaving a global coherence. As a result, it messes up my feed and it bothersme, I admit I haven't found the solution yet. Once I'm done editing an image and exportingit, I import it into a template I made in Photoshop or I'll adjust the image to therecommended resolution for Instagram,

 to be as visible as possible on the feed. Once I have a certain number of images, I'lltry to arrange them in a cohesive way. For this I use another Template I made myself,I just have to drag the images into the folders and find the graphic combinations that workwell. If you don't want to take the trouble to createthese templates, don't worry bro, I'm here. You have a link in the description to go onGumroad, there's a default price of 5 dollars, it's the price of a Bubble Tea, I have a littleaddiction with that... sorry.... But you can just change 

the price to 0 andit's free, don't worry, I won't blame you. Also note that if you don't have Photoshop,no worries, it works just as well with Photopea.com, which is a website, it's basically Photoshopfor free and online. And if you want you also have other onlinetools like Canva, etc... I let you do a little research. This template is just for a visual representationof what you'll have on your profile, once I'm satisfied, I'll number the photos in theorder of publication determined by this preview. If I have several pictures for a carousel,I use the nomenclature, 

number + letter. Once I have my images, I will plan and preparethem in Notion. I try to do batches of several weeks, or eventwo or three months at a time, so we're good for a while. I use a calendar view, which allows me tocheck that the order of my posts is well respected between portraits and landscapes. Of course, in this example, it's like I postedsix times a week, but it's all fake, we both know it hasn't happened in a while. You can also easily adjust the date of publication. To create a new post, first, I'll give thenumber of the image, then the type it corresponds to. 

I have a small template to go faster where I'll write a caption much more engaging than "this is a great picture". I'll let you check out the previous videofor more info on that. And finally, we're going to deal with thehashtags. Let's take this image of Claire. What theme could be associated with it? It's a portrait, obviously, but posed, soit's about modeling. 

There's a very sensual imagery, maybe evena bit bohemian. Finally, we can also note some physical features,like the fact that she is a redhead, curly. All these hashtags are therefore linked toparticular themes, particular types. That's what I classified in Notion. Then I arranged these different themes accordingto the number of publications. That's the goal, to try to find the best positioningbetween being as specific as possible to your image, use hashtags in your niche,

 and coherentwith your growth and actual size. If you have two hundred subscribers, there'sno chance that a hashtag used more than a million times will bring you visibility, aswe saw at the beginning of the video. You might think, wow, there's got to be abig audience for this one, but there's also crazy competition, you'll immediately be drownedin the mass, and your profile doesn't generate enough traction to be put forward. Position yourself more 

on niches, and on apopularity of use in relation to the size of your audience. Apart from the number of posts, you also have to take into account the engagement rate needed to have a chance to appear in the Top of the best posts, usually the first nine images. The pictures that have the best engagement rate appear here from the first minutes of their publication. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post,10 per story. Some say eight hashtags is a sweet spot, otherssay it takes a lot more... 

Personally, I can't say for sure, but I usearound 20/25. That's the way they're organized, in groupsof five. I can take 5 in portraits, 5 in modeling... I can pick a little bit everywhere in differentgenres and easily do the accounts to go faster. Once you've copied and pasted your hashtagsinto your Notion calendar, you can move on to scheduling. You've got plenty of apps that let you dothat, like Hootsuite, Planoly... I personally used Later. 

I'm not going to advertise one in particular,they all offer a free version that allows you to manage one account... but with somelimitation, like they don't allow you to plan carousels, which bothers me a bit. If you really don't want to have to pay fortheir service, you can just copy all the captions and hashtags to a google drive file, set analarm when you have the most traffic on your account, and just copy/paste. It takes a little longer but it works. So much for how I organize...

 how I was organizingmy Instagram account. You get it, I haven't been active enough onit for too long, but I promise I'll try to get back on it. I really like this social media, yes, it'simportant for a business and even more so for a photographer, but... not as essentialas you might think. I really sent you back to the first videoto find out what kind of profile you belong to and how to grow your account, and if it'sworth the time and effort. Quite frankly, for me, I think what's mostvaluable in everything I've said in these two Instagram videos is... the introductionto Notion. 

Learn how to use it to work, study, get avisual on how to organize your projects. If you want me to make videos about it tellme about it in the comment section, I just need to find a way to link it to photography or video,the theme of the channel. Okay, next video, back to the creative vlogs,just to get out of here, I'm tired of sitting in front of a camera.

 Before that, since I spent a lot of time writingthese two videos if you're keen to give me a little Like, or even better, share thisvideo, don't hesitate. I would tell you to subscribe, but if youcame here only for Instagram stuff, honestly there's little chance I'll talk about it againon the channel, I think I've cover the 


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